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Virtual Office + Virtual Technology = An Office in Cloud


Business managers have the opportunity to create their dream lifestyle. They could choose to manage their business from their dream office at one of the most illustrious commercial cities that the world has to offer or to manage their entire operations remotely from home, beaches, cafes or while travelling. No matter what the specifics of the dream may be, now is the best time in history for businesses to become location-independent by transitioning the office from the traditional brick-and-mortar physical setup to one that is in the cloud.

Forbes columnist Joe McKendrick predicts that companies will transition from traditional ‘brick and mortar' to what many call a ‘Platform economy', where coordinated and managed processes through digital platforms will provide higher value to an infrastructure compared to building a substantial business. Many companies that have transitioned successfully to virtual setups have noticed improvements in employee morale, productivity, reduced costs and improved profit margins. For entrepreneurs, business owners and managers that have usually stressed over the day-to-day demands of the physical office environment, virtual office solutions are being welcomed with open arms as they realise the productivity and lifestyle benefits on offer should they decide to take their business virtual.

Every Australian business owner or manager wants to have:

  • A working environment that allows employees to be happy and productive.
  • An office location that benefits its workers, as well as improving the prestige of the business's brand.
  • An office solution where the office management care is taken by experts, leaving the company to focus its energy on its expertise, thus making the company more profitable.
  • An office solution that provides the expansion and technology flexibility for the business to use as a springboard to scale the growth of the company.

Establish virtual offices in locations that work for your business

The setup costs for an office in a premium location can cost a business thousands of dollars each year per employee. It is important to maintain a business presence and impression from locations that compliment your market, however, it should not require your company to undercut its profits dramatically. Virtual office solutions such as the packages offered by Servcorp provide businesses with inexpensive options in premium office locations across Australia and globally. Business managers and staff will receive access to coworking spaces, productive working environments and receive office perks that they would receive in most high-profile organisations. Companies also have the flexibility to scale up or down in different locations to suit the company's needs.

For businesses that transition their staff setup to a virtual workforce, maintaining virtual relationships increases in importance. Businesses must promote a system whereby the internal operation of the company builds trust and collaboration with the virtual workforce.

Leverage communication hardware and cloud technology

You want to hit the ground running with the right equipment and technology. Smart devices, laptops, desktops, telephones, wireless internet, conferencing and collaboration hardware, software and tools will allow you to manage the entire operations of your business in the cloud. Some systems that you can use include:

  • Cloud accounting and bookkeeping software, such as Xero.
  • Web conferencing software, such as Skype.
  • Web collaboration tools, such as Google Drive.

Leveraging a network of domestic or international locations

To improve the perceived size of your business, it is important to demonstrate that your business has a local or global footprint. Virtual offices are the perfect option for companies that want to expand and enter new markets. With a small investment into a virtual office and mailbox solutions, your business can have a presence in the world's commercial capitals spanning across Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. Virtual mailbox solutions can forward, scan and email you your documents, answer and forward your calls and provide you with meeting rooms.

Improve your business's productivity with virtual assistants

Businesses are in a position to command an international workforce through the use of virtual assistants. Many companies that operate with staff or clients in different cities, regions or countries spend thousands of dollars on travel and commuting costs. By leveraging communication technology to have virtual meetings or collaboration, businesses can save thousands of dollars in costs related to commuting and productivity.

Location-free businesses are the way of the future!

The advancement in telecommunications and technology is allowing companies to become location independent. As long as workers can get access to an internet network connection, telecommunication infrastructure and cloud technology, they can conduct business tasks and activities that will improve productivity and help the company to achieve its business goals.

Take a free trial!

Businesses need to invest in an office solution that will allow your business to grow and adapt. Rather than getting tied into a long-term lease agreement, you can take a free trial with Servcorp to see how a virtual office solution can meet your organisation's needs. Servcorp offers monthly office solutions that are flexible, inexpensive and that will give the business the competitive advantage and prestige that is required to succeed.

Office in the cloud success story: Natalie Sisson – Entrepreneur, author and digital nomad

Suitcase Entrepreneur author Natalie Sisson has learned through the use of virtual offices and technology how business managers and entrepreneurs become more productive, enhance their personal and business brand, gain more freedom and transition into a lifestyle business. Their business lifestyle could see their operations being run from golden sand beaches overlooking the Pacific Ocean or in the global capitals of New York, London or Singapore. She advises entrepreneurs and business owners to improve their lifestyle by leveraging cloud technology and virtual offices that reward you with increased productivity and the freedom to choose the life that you want to live.

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