Business-Blog Business & Networking Productivity + Work-life Balance: The (BEST) mantra for a successful career

Productivity + Work-life Balance: The (BEST) mantra for a successful career

Productivity + Work-life Balance: The (BEST) mantra for a successful career


Improved business productivity yields more revenue, reduces costs and provides bigger profits. The operational efficiency for a business is dependent on the performance and productivity of its employees. It is also dependant on the business's commitment in creating a working environment that goes beyond earning a paycheck by immersing workers into their dream lifestyle. Below are a few ways businesses can enhance their employees and business work ethic to build a robust workforce.

1. You can immerse your customers into your business's brand

People that interact with your business want to feel proud. Every interaction that people have with your business should be selling your business's value. Immerse people into an environment that will inspire them to be loyal and advocate for your business. Your business must demonstrate this value in every detail. From the professionalism of your assistants to the quality of the products and service that you offer, to the detailed information on the furnishings in your office and the location of your business's operations. Every aspect must sell the story of your business so that it enhances your brand profile and your business's value.

2. Your happy employees will improve your business's productivity

It is no secret that the leading global companies have and draw incredible talent into their workforce. Richard Branson has said “A company is a group of people and that as a leader of people, it is important to listen, empower and praise those people to flourish. Take care of your employees and they will take care of your clients.” You can show your employees that you genuinely care by providing them with an incredible working environment where they will feel inspired, creative, and innovative and will ultimately enjoy. An excellent working environment will serve as a catalyst to bring out the best in people and to motivate them to build value for your business!

3. Flexible work environment can help create a dynamic culture!

A strong culture will motivate employees and the brand as a collective force to go above and beyond. Motivating factors including salary expectations, business location, business profile, team size and the business's challenges to name manufacturing a powerful culture in your office environment with spur innovation, creativity and improve your workplace's operational efficiency. To create a powerful culture, the business must demonstrate passion, heart and desire to fuel the growth of the business. It is important for businesses to invest in a working environment that drives the right attitude in your business.

Businesses should foster relationships and build a strong community amongst their employees by adopting flexible work environment practices. Ways businesses can achieve this includes:

  • Allowing employees to hot-desk.
  • Providing co-working spaces for employees.
  • Providing communal areas where employees can engage with each other in an informal setting.

Private offices and breakout spaces should also be available for employees, teams and management to conduct meetings and to execute their work successfully in different environmental settings.

4. You will be able to attract leaders that will shape your business's success

Your business needs a leadership team that can drive the business in the direction it needs to achieve its goals. Hundreds of businesses will be competing for the top candidates. However, you can make your business more competitive by providing employees with an attractive office environment and location. Attracting the right leaders for your organisation is crucial to the success of your business. Internally, those iconic leaders will drive the gears of success for your business. Externally, they will be the business's stakeholders that will attract investors, clients and media exposure for your business. Top tier businesses require prestige locations and addresses. Present your business as a premium and your industry's leading talent will follow. 

5. Your business's environment will encourage staff to be successful

You want to work hard, play hard and succeed in life. The right environment will give you the balance to accomplish all three. The work-life balance will only be sustained if positivity reigns supreme in your environment. Virtual office solutions from Servcorp allow you to:

  • Promote your business as a large enterprise, spanning across a national or international network.
  • Provides employees the flexibility to engage and innovate in creative working environments.
  • Allows people and businesses to leverage the dream ‘corporate and city lifestyle' by being in the heart of the world's most iconic cities.
  • Allows your business to leverage the dynamic working environment to that you need to take your business to the next level.

Commit to developing a healthy work-life balance for your business's culture.Virtual and Serviced Office solutions can help you develop the right mantra that will allow you to build a strong work ethic and culture that will put your business on the path to success.

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