Transparency Code

To ensure that providers of Business Centres, Executive Suites, Serviced Offices, Coworking and Virtual Offices provide clear pricing structures, lease documentation and access to other information needed to assess the past, present and future costs of running a business.  This includes providing:

  1. Real time access to invoices online
  2. Telephone call rate card
  3. Telephone accounts in detailed time and cost format
  4. Online office and meeting room booking system, complete with prices in real time with real time confirmation
  5. Phone number prior to lease execution so no mistake of allocation can be made
  6. Access to internet speed tests
  7. Guaranteed internet uptime of 99.99%
  8. That the person who sells the office will attend to client queries
  9. Amortised rental of the lease period
  10. Clearly identified rollover clause  
  11. Flexi-lease
  12. Clearly defined Rental deposit 
  13. Clearly defined make good fees 
  14. Ability for clients to keep their phone number forever – it’s a valuable asset